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Construction Machinery

Construction Equipment & Machinery are heavy-duty vehicles and equipment used for construction tasks. They are designed for earthwork operations, lifting, transporting, and other related tasks. These machines are durable and efficient, with powerful engines, hydraulic systems, and advanced controls. Examples include excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, and other specialized vehicles.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy Equipment & Machinery are large, powerful machines designed for heavy-duty applications in various industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing. These machines are built to perform complex tasks that require a lot of force, such as earthmoving, material handling, and demolition. They are typically equipped with powerful engines, advanced hydraulic systems, and specialized controls to ensure efficiency, durability, and safety. Examples of heavy equipment and machinery include excavators, bulldozers, cranes, milling machines, and industrial robots.

Agriculture Machinery

Agricultural Equipment & Machinery encompass the mechanical devices and structures used in farming and other agricultural activities. This includes hand tools, power tools, tractors, and the various types of farm implements that they tow or operate. Both organic and non-organic farming rely on a diverse range of equipment. The use of agricultural machinery has become a crucial component of feeding the world's population, particularly with the development of mechanized agriculture.

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Owners & Renting Agency

List your machinery and Increase Visibility in the rental industry.

Reduce Idle Time on machinery, plan proactively, and maintain a higher return on investment.

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Machinery Renter & Contractors

Find location based machinery to get flexibility, Optimize Costs.

Rent Calculator to find a Rental Amount based on given parameter and terms & conditions.

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Machinery Operators

Easy to associate with machinery owners and GAIN EARLY ACCESS.

Associate with ECO-SYSTEM as an 'Independent Operator' and get more visibility and GET MORE BUSINESS.

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Announce new product range directly to end customers - advertisement of product line to relevant customers for quick GO TO MARKET.

Keep track of own machinery - help owners to maintain machinery in good shape, earn trust from owner & renter to ENHANCE BRAND VALUE.

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Machinery View

Users having the role 'OWNER' has access to Machinery data and can see all of the details for each machinery.

  • It will include basic information on the machinery, as well as all supporting paperwork and insurance information in one spot.
  • Overall details of machinery usage, as well as workorder-based details.

Self-Use of Machinery

Users having the role 'OWNER' can utilize their equipment for personal purposes.

The owner must create a separate work order to track the project's duration and designate an Operator and a supervisor.

Rental Plan

Users having the role 'OWNER' must specify their chosen rental plan and link it to Machinery. As a result, a rental plan can be linked to many types of machinery and vice versa.

The owner must establish an hourly rate for the machinery, the operator, and any additional machinery attachments. Define the details of the usage duration commitment, the invoicing cycle, and the idle hourly rate.

Operator Association

Users having the role 'OWNER' must be associated with Operator and vice versa.

Operators will be assigned work based on their ability to operate machinery.

Work Order

Users having the role 'OWNER' has access to all work orders in which he is a participant. The owner can have both self-use and rental work orders, and all the information are available here.


All invoices are visible to the role 'OWNER.' Invoices based on workorders that include service and other charges are visible.


All invoices that are due for payment are accessible. Users having the role 'OWNER' can also approve payment that has been received.


Users having the role 'OWNER' can have an IoT dashboard for machinery that has an IoT device fitted by ‘mareow’.


Search Machinery

All machinery Renters and contracting agencies, Infrastructure contractors, Farmers, Industrialists can perform role ‘RENTER’.

Users having the role 'RENTER' has a view of the machinery based on location. The renter will receive a list of available machinery for their future use based on their selected location, needed dates, and machinery (category, subcategory, and manufacturer).

Preferred Machinery

Users having the role 'RENTER' can push machines to their favorites list of machinery which can be used in the future, reducing the amount of time spent searching.

Work Order

All work orders in which the 'RENTER' is a participant are visible to him. The 'OWNER' has consented to all the details on the work order.


All invoices are visible to the 'RENTER.' Invoices based on work orders that include service and other charges are visible.


All invoices that are due for payment are accessible.


Ability to Run Machinery

Users having the role 'OPERATOR' can select a machinery model that they can operate.

OWNER Association

Users having the role 'OPERATOR' must be associated with the owner and vice versa.

The owner will be assigned work based on their ability to operate machinery.

Work Order

All work orders are visible in which the role 'OPERATOR' is a participant. The 'OWNER' has consented to all the details on the workorder.


Machinery View

Users having the role 'MANUFACTURER' have access to Machinery, which are not assigned to any OWNERS.

Later 'MANUFACTURER' can transfer the machinery to ‘OWNER’.

'MANUFACTURER' can have access to machinery data as well, can use the same for service purpose.

Machinery Model & Attachments

Users having the role 'MANUFACTURER' can define model, machinery attachment details and associate both as well.

'MANUFACTURER' can define master parameter of machinery model which can be used across system.

Training Details

Users having the role 'MANUFACTURER' can define model wise training details. All other users like ‘OPERATORS’ and ‘OWNER’ can have access to this training to enhance knowledge regarding to models.

Service Schedule Details

Users having the role 'MANUFACTURER' can define model wise service details so that automatically get notification for service.


Users having the role 'MANUFACTURER' can have IoT dashboard for machinery who has IoT device fitted by ‘mareow’.

Machinery rent 'n own

All Customers, manage Equipment & Machinery Business using Single Integrated Portal & Mobile App.


It is our attention to the small stuff, scheduling of timelines and keen project management that makes us stand out from the rest. We are creative, while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget. You want results. We have found that the best way to get them is with upfront research - of your company, competitors, target market, and customer psychographics.

Only after we fully understand you and your customers. We will recommend a plan of attractive prices which are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That is how we would like to be treated, and that is how our customers are treated.


Machinery Owners & Machinery Renting Organizations both can perform the role of 'OWNER'.

This is where all the details of the machinery defined by owners can be accessed in one location.

All the machinery documentation, including insurance, fitness certification, registration information, etc.

Machinery usage analytics are also available in graph form, as well as work order specific details.


Everyone who wants to learn more about the machinery will be able to do so.

This information will be available to 'RENTER' during the Renting a Machinery stage.

This section contains general information about machinery, machine parameters, and purchase information.


At this dashboard, 'OWNER' will receive a Machinery detail from an IoT device.

Machinery has an IoT device, and it will generate both a consolidated and detailed view of such Alerts as Over Speeding, Fuel Drop, Over Stoppage, GEO Fencing, and Mains Disconnected for Machinery.

This will also provide you with information about the current state of the machinery. Indicating the location of individuals and all machinery on a map.


A log of machinery usage activity can be found here. All parties involved receive updated information immediately.

IoT devices, operators, and supervisors can all provide an activity log. Details can also be seen separately. A summary of approved hours, running kilometers, and fuel consumption is also displayed.

The predefined algorithm will approve a daily log, which can be used to bill renters.


Machine log details such as fuel consumption, running kilometers, hours, and ideal hours, among others, are displayed graphically by daily, weekly, and monthly durations.


'OWNER' can also define rental plans and associate them with Machinery.

The Rental Plan contains information on an hourly basis, with various types of duration and commitment of hours. The invoice type will indicate an automated generation process.


'OWNER' will be associated with operators. Owners will get a consolidated view of all associated operators here.

Operators can specify their basic needs such as lodging, food, transportation, and daily wages. Operators can also define their ability to operate machinery, which will assist them in obtaining work based on machinery and availability.


Work order details will be fetched and displayed as ongoing and closed Work Orders based on the logged in user.

Work Orders contain information about machinery, rental plans, activity logs, operators, supervisors, analytics, and IoT-based reports.



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IoT Fitted Machinery

Machinery fitted wit 'MOBA' IoT Device

Our Customers



Director - Sana Diamond Engi-Mech LLP

"We are overjoyed that we were able to find and use this tool. This application assists us in locating our machines and determining its location and condition. We also learn about the working hours of our machinery so that we can give timely maintenance and service. I strongly advise you to take advantage of this service and technology."


Director - Diamanté Solcon LLP

"It's been fantastic to come find an application like this. The one thing a construction company must do is get the appropriate equipment. However, after the project is completed, taking care of its storage is considerably different and quite costly. As a result of using this service, we can better manage the hours and placement of our machinery. If the machinery is suitable after the job, we can also rent it out. As a result, those challenges are immediately overcome. I would strongly suggest their services."