About us

'mareow', Machinery- Rent ‘n Own is a venture by iTechieMind Solution LLP, a technology start-up. Your one-stop solution for Equipment and Machinery Business, Construction, Heavy Industrial & Agriculture equipment & machinery renting business. We strive to deliver services that are beneficial for business associates for renting purposes. The business associate's platform will generate a lead that can help other business associates to run their work with us. Our major business associates are Equipment and Machinery owners, Equipment and Machinery renting agency, Equipment/ Machinery renters, Contractors/ Industrialist/ Farmers, Machine Operators, Manufacture (OEMs), Equipment & Machinery Servicing Agency, Transporters, Insurance Agency, Legal Agency, Independent Surveyor, Leading Finance Institutions.

At 'mareow', we provide effective solutions to help identify machinery's efficiency and utilization. This is an integrated platform of business associates, who can multiply their business with us. It will also help find machinery and related services locally based on geometric details. Through this platform, the business associates will get a wider audience to offer their service. We also believe in generating employment opportunities for needy people along with catering to the need for our customers.

Our Vision

Be the global platform leader in rent / own equipment and machinery business

Our Mission

Is to provide a simple, transparent, value generating global platform to our customers

Mareow Team

Mehul Patel


Growing up in a Gujarati family, entrepreneurship and business are in my DNA. However, I chose a different path and pursued technical education before beginning a corporate job.

Working with numerous MNCs and consulting businesses for over two decades to implement large-scale enterprise solutions in diverse industry domains. Many organizations and government entities have benefited from my assistance in implementing Oracle-based Enterprise Applications.

Working with customers all over the world has given me a deeper knowledge of the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses confront in their respective industries. Recognized business processes and the roadblocks they encounter minor challenges. Every issue, no matter how small or complex, has a solution. It makes a big difference if you can understand and solve all of these problems completely.

Having stated that, I took a leap of faith to pursue my entrepreneurial passion of assisting needy people with technology and processes to solve their problems. To assist business partners in expanding their businesses, identify a collaborative approach, and establish a machinery industry eco-system.

People are migrating towards the SaaS model in contemporary global circumstances, and we believe that establishing a SaaS Platform is the greatest method to make a difference in this field. This idea gives birth to 'mareow,' an integrated end-to-end machinery and equipment excellence SaaS platform that enables SMEs to realize their big dreams through a transparent and automated solution.

Our organization's vision and mission are being established. We're enabling integrated solutions to other areas of the machinery maintenance life cycle, and we're solving hundreds of tiny problems that add up to a big benefit for SMEs all over the world.

My thoughts resonate with you, I encourage you to join me in my dream. Please share your pain points and experiences with me. Let's WORK and GROW TOGETHER to create a difference in the machines industry.

Ravi A

Global Strategic Advisor

Seasoned IT and Business executive who has driven innovations and major transformations, delivering significant business value at global companies like Intel, Microsoft, HP, Sands, and SMBs.

Our Business Partners